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    Filter’s Editor Discusses Our Mission—And the Problems With Wider Media Coverage of Drugs

    Filter‘s editor-in-chief, Will Godfrey, was interviewed for the April 3 episode of Narcotica—a podcast about drugs and the people who use them, co-hosted by three prominent journalists in the field: Zachary Siegel and Filter contributors Christopher Moraff and Troy Farah.

    Their wide-ranging conversation covered Filter‘s genesis, mission and role in this space, including our tobacco harm reduction work; the many problems with drug coverage in traditional media; allies and advocacy; and the important work of Filter contributors such as Tessie Castillo and Kat Humphries.

    Narcotica was kind enough to describe Filter as “one place that has consistently gotten it right.”

    You can listen to the interview either by hitting the play button on the recording above, or by clicking through to Narcotica.

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