Three Harm Reduction Zines From People Who Use Drugs in Denver

    The Harm Reduction Action Center made these three harm reduction zines in collaboration with people who inject drugs in Denver, Colorado. We all agree that there isn’t enough honest drug education accessible to those who need it, so we pooled our collective knowledge around the topics most sought after by those in our community.

    We made them in “zine” (mini magazine) format so they could be passed out to street-based substance users who may not have internet access, but who could carry a small booklet that they may find helpful.

    While I initially authored these zines, they were reviewed by countless people who use drugs. All the artwork was contributed by talented Denver-based artists who use drugs. Here are some excerpts, as well as links to the complete zines.



    You can access a full digital copy of Methamphetazine in English here and in Spanish here.



    You can access a full digital copy of Benzodiazezine in English here and in Spanish here.


    Wound Care Zine

    You can access a full digital copy of the Wound Care zine in English here and in Spanish here.

    If you’d like printable PDFs of any of the full zines to distribute at your local syringe service program—or just to any friends and neighbors who could use them—email



    All images courtesy of Kat Humphries. Each zine was translated from English to Spanish by Luna Suescun-Garcia and Mariela Hernandez.

    • Kat works at a harm reduction agency in Colorado. When she isn’t giving out sterile supplies for injecting drugs, she creates educational graphics around safer drug use and works to reduce the stigma around people who use drugs.

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