Stanton Peele & Dolores Cloward

    Dr. Stanton Peele is a psychologist who has pioneered, among other things, the idea that addiction occurs with a range of experiences and recognition of natural recovery from addiction. He developed the Life Process Program for addiction and has authored many books since the 1975 publication of Love and Addiction (co-authored by Archie Brodsky). His book Outgrowing Addiction: With Common Sense Instead of “Disease” Therapy (with Zach Rhoads) will be published by Upper Access Press in May 2019.

    Dolores Cloward is a coach and a coordinator with Dr. Stanton Peele’s online Life Process Program and has a coaching practice in Cincinnati. She was involved in the development of SMART Recovery’s® online community and services and manager of SMART’s court outreach and special events programs. She also hosted SMART’s top-rated addiction podcasts.


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