Savannah Sly & Diane Goldstein

    Savannah Sly is the executive director of New Moon Fund, an organization dedicated to securing rights and opportunity for people in the sex trade by building awareness, attracting resources and seeking to address highest priority needs toward community wellbeing. Savannah serves on the steering committee of the Sex Worker Donor Collaborative, as an advisor to the Woodhull Freedom Foundation, and on the advisor to the Global Lab for Research in Action at UCLA Luskin.

    Savannah has lived experience as a criminalized sex worker and collaborates with sex worker-led organizations and funders around the world to advance the agency and wellbeing of people in the sex trade, whether they are there by choice, circumstance or coersion.



    Lieutenant Diane Goldstein (Ret.) is a 21-year veteran of the Redondo Beach Police Department in California. She is the executive director of the Law Enforcement Action Partnership, a group of police, prosecutors, judges and other criminal justice professionals who oppose the War on Drugs and advance sensible criminal justice policy solutions.

    Diane is a member of the board of directors of The Influence Foundation, which operates Filter.


    Sex Workers Got No Pardons. Decriminalization Is Overdue.

    On October 8, President Biden pardoned thousands of people convicted of simple marijuana possession. ...