Morgan Godvin & Joseph Friedman

    Morgan is a writer from Portland, Oregon. She founded Beats Overdose, a harm reduction provider for the music and entertainment industry. She is a research associate with Health in Justice Action Lab and a councilmember on Oregon’s decriminalization Measure 110 Oversight and Accountability Council. She was formerly incarcerated.


    Joseph is a writer, researcher and UCLA medical student, who writes about the North American overdose crisis, social inequalities and how the structure of society makes us sick. His research, based at the UCLA Center for Social Medicine, involves ethnography with people who use drugs and data science to measure health inequalities. He lives in Tijuana, Mexico, and Los Angeles, California.

    Youth Overdose Crisis Swells Because Drug Warriors “Cried Wolf”

    Since time immemorial—well, the early 20th century—youth have been inundated with messages about the ...