Elizabeth Brico Elizabeth Brico

    Elizabeth is a journalist from the Pacific Northwest. Her work has appeared in publications including Vox, Tonic/Vice, TalkPoverty, HealthyPlace and The Establishment. She has an MFA in Writing and Poetics from Naropa University. She also writes about trauma, addiction and recovery on her blog, Betty’s Battleground.

    The Coronavirus Information Gap for Marginalized People

    For those of us connected to technology, it’s hard to imagine not having continual ...

    The Real Harms of Abusive, Stigmatizing Language in Addiction Treatment

    Ironically, the conversation that spurred a peer-support specialist at a buprenorphine program to yell ...

    Does a “Dialectical Abstinence” Program Qualify as Harm Reduction?

    I first heard the term “dialectical abstinence” in the summer of 2019, several weeks ...

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