Aden McCracken

Born and raised in Tyrone, Pennsylvaia, and currently based in Brooklyn, Aden is a transfemme artist, speaker, writer, methadone-clinic abolitionist, and current undergrad at Stanford University studying anthropology and interdisciplinary arts. Utilizing auto-ethnographic, arts-based, narrative-based and community-based research, Aden studies identity, resistance and radical forms of care among low-income methadone users and methadone-involved folk.

Pregnancy in Withdrawal: Methadone Clinic Tore My Family Apart

In the endless hallway of the NICU, nurses shuffled from door to door. Yellow-toned ceiling lights flickered. My grandmother kept…

December 7, 2023

“Can You Pee for Me?” A Childhood Under the Methadone Clinic System

“Hey buddy, wake up.” My father gently gripped my shoulders and shook me back and forth. I tucked my face…

July 24, 2023