Mattha Busby

Mattha is a freelance journalist and author who covers drug policy, health and life. He has interviewed the family of Mexican mushroom healer Maria Sabina, biohackers injecting stem cells into their bodies, politicians in the village that banned Coca-Cola, and people who spend time in prolonged darkness meditations. He is based in Vancouver, Canada.

Psychedelic Community Divided Over Upcoming Conference in Israel

At a psychedelics conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, this July, attendees are due to hear talks on topics including “Psychedelics,…

April 15, 2024

“Get on Your Knees”—Alberta Cops Raid Home Over Ayahuasca Delivery

On February 8, Chad Gillies, a specialty welder in Calgary, Alberta, opened his door to what appeared to be a…

March 20, 2024