Manisha Krishnan

Manisha is a New York-based journalist who covers drug policy. Her VICE News documentary, Beyond Fentanyl, won a 2023 Emmy for outstanding health or medical coverage.

FEND Act Against Fentanyl Trafficking Could Worsen Overdose Crisis

As harm reduction efforts around the United States face intense backlash, politicians are doubling down on the notion of law…

May 15, 2024

DEA Agrees to Make Marijuana Schedule III, in Historic Move

Nearly two months after President Joe Biden stated that “no one should be jailed for simply using” cannabis in his…

April 30, 2024

Local Harm Reduction Programs Under Siege

When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved Needlepoint Sanctuary to be a mobile syringe provider in Bangor, Maine,…

April 30, 2024