Kiran Sidhu

Kiran is a London-based writer and journalist. She has written for publications including the Guardian, the Telegraph and I Paper.

The “Queen of Consciousness” Driving Psychedelic Study and Advocacy

Amanda Feilding is the founder and director of the Beckley Foundation, which has been pioneering psychedelic research and advocacy to…

May 4, 2020

Why Did LSD Help Me With My Philosophy Degree?

It’s summer in the 1990s. I’m looking down from a hill in Richmond Park, London and from the pinnacle of…

January 30, 2020

How Psychedelic Drugs Could Help Save the Planet

The UN says we have just over a decade left to stop irreversible damage to the planet. Many observers think…

October 10, 2019

What Psychedelics Reveal About the Nature of Consciousness

Dr. Peter Sjostedt-H is something of a rockstar “philosopher of mind.” His specializations include the English “process” philosopher Alfred North…

May 20, 2019

Inside an Innovative Study of MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder

Dr. Ben Sessa, a UK-based psychiatrist, is currently running Britain’s first ever clinical study with MDMA, in Bristol, for people…

April 10, 2019