Holly Regan

Holly is a freelance journalist covering the intersection of culture, identity and consciousness-altering substances through a queer and gender-diverse perspective. They publish a newsletter and digital zine, post on Instagram, and in 2022 received the Curve Award for Emerging LGBTQ Journalists. They live as a nomad.

How to Unite the Psychedelic and Harm Reduction Movements?

“Who here is a drug user?” asked Maurice Byrd, co-director of the Harm Reduction Therapy Center (HRTC) in San Francisco…

October 3, 2023

Inside a Dutch Smartshop’s Harm Reduction Approach

Three 18-year-old kids shuffle into Herbal Spirit, a smartshop in The Hague, on the Netherlands coast. One of them, clearly…

September 5, 2023

The Psychedelic Preparedness Scale: A Tool to Optimize Trip Outcomes

The journey itself is only one part of the psychedelic experience. But while many people are now recognizing the need…

July 17, 2023

Is There Still Room for Small, Underrepresented Psilocybin Growers?

Ari* tiptoes out of the room and pulls the door closed behind her; the kids are finally asleep. All is…

June 1, 2023

A Psychedelics Conference Tackles the Future of the Movement

Reggae dubstep thumps from a pedicab parked in the entrance to the main lecture hall. Psychedelic art hangs from partitions…

May 2, 2023