Annie Kleykamp

Dr. Annie Kleykamp is trained as an experimental psychologist and studied the effects of various drugs (nicotine, opioids, alcohol) on human cognition and behavior. Her views do not represent those of current or previous employers.

In the past three years, Annie has been been a full-time employee of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (2021-present) and the University of Rochester School of Medicine (2018-2021). She has also received compensation for freelance science writing and adjunct teaching from the University of Maryland College Park, the real-world evidence company STATinMED, the government contractor Palladian Associates, Filter and the health care consulting company, Pinney Associates. Her work for Pinney Associates focused on regulatory submissions related to psychedelic drugs. None of her work in the past three years was supported by funding from the tobacco or e-cigarette industries.

Annie was a full-time employee of Pinney Associates between 2014-2018, during which time they provided consulting services to the e-cigarette company NJOY and the tobacco company RJ Reynolds on non-combustible harm reduction products including e-cigarettes and snus.

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